Parkinson’s Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation whose origins date back to 1984. We provide support, information and education to people living with Parkinson’s Disease, their carers, family members and health professionals. We represent and support people affected by Parkinson’s right across Queensland from diagnosis and throughout the progression of the disease.

So whether you are looking for information on Parkinson’s Disease, educational resources or you need support, our team is ready to assist.

Webinar: Getting support from NDIS for your Parkinson’s – August 29th

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to eligible people with disability to gain more time with family and friends, greater independence, access to new skills, jobs, or volunteering in their community, and an improved quality of life. 

Jenna Creed, the Director and Lead Support Coordinator of Blue Jay Support Coordination, will provide some tips and tricks for gaining access to and navigating the NDIS.

Webinar will be held on August 29th, 10am – 10.45am (Brisbane time)

Register online before joining the webinar.

Webinar: Incontinence with confidence – September 10th

Narrene Robin from Kimberly-Clarke will join us to discuss the topic most often not talked about – incontinence.

She will discuss what incontinence is, the different types of incontinence, products and applications to assist, do’s and don’ts and some general tips for toileting. She will also discuss a few supporting funding models you may have access to to assist in managing incontinence.

Webinar will be held on September 10th, 10am – 10.45am (Brisbane time). 

Register online before joining the webinar.

 Bridge to Brisbane 2024 – September 8th

Lace up your runners and join Parkinson’s Queensland in Brisbane’s biggest fun run on Sunday 8th September! There are many benefits of walking for people living with Parkinson’s, and by joining team Parkinson’s Queensland, you can help us advocate these benefits and raise awareness of Parkinson’s.

Take in Brisbane’s beautiful sights and get active with either a 5km or 10km course that you may run or walk at your own pace. Raise over $100 to receive a Parkinson’s Queensland Cap and a Certificate of Appreciation closer to race day.

Parkinson’s Grab Bags 

Get your own Parkinson’s Grab Bag to have all your Parkinson’s information with you in an emergency, when you go into hospital or when on holiday.

Record your information into the ‘My Journey with Parkinson’s Disease’ booklet to ensure people can very quickly get up to speed with your Parkinson’s. A checklist helps you easily pack quickly. Also included is a rubber wristband that says ‘I have Parkinson’s’ and ‘Medications on time, every time’.

Support Parkinson’s Queensland with a raffle ticket

Get ready to hit the road less travelled, full of freedom, fun and outdoor lifestyle! That’s what winning the Raffle 24 First Prize would bring with a Land Rover Defender 110! It’s the high-performance SUV that just won 2024 Drive Car of The Year for Best Luxury Off-Road SUV – for the fourth year in a row! Plus, you’ll drive home with a cool $100,000 in cashable gold bullion and more than $10,000 in shopping vouchers of your choice.First-class adventure and more await when you win this all-terrain $250K First Prize Pack.

With your ticket, you’re not just dreaming big – you’re making a real difference in the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s. Raffle closes 12 September. Get your ticket now.

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Writing a Will today is one of the most important ways you can protect your family, and our partner Safewill, offers a quick and cost-effective way to complete this. While preparing a will can be complicated, you can complete your will within the comfort of your own home in just 20 minutes! Every Will submitted on the platform is reviewed by a practicing Australian solicitor to ensure your Will has been completed correctly. 

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Will you make Parkinson’s a priority?

Every year, 2,000 Queenslanders’ lives are changed by hearing the words “You have Parkinson’s” for the first time. Parkinson’s Queensland currently runs Education and Training sessions for people living with Parkinson’s as well as those supporting them. This includes Aged Care providers, Allied Health Professionals, Community Services groups as well as family members. We are looking to expand the types and number of Education and training programs we deliver, including some to support those who are newly diagnosed.

However, we cannot achieve this alone. We need your help to turn these programs into a reality. Donate to support Parkinson’s education today.

Host your own Fundraiser for Parkinson’s Awareness Month (April) 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a difference to people living with Parkinson’s. Our new Community Fundraising Portal is easy to navigate and allows you to get creative with how you’d like to raise awareness and funds for people affected by Parkinson’s.

You could host a dinner party, organise a workplace fundraiser, or ask for donations instead of presents on your special day. Our Fundraising Portal allows you to create & share your fundraising page and track how many donations you have received.

Register your fundraiser today.

If you’d like help planning out your fundraiser, please email community@parkinsonsqld.org.au, or call us on (07) 3209 1588 and ask to speak to our Fundraising and Marketing Manager. 

Honour a Loved with a Tribute Page 

Celebrate the life of a loved one with a tribute page, and encourage others to honour their memory with a gift to support people currently living with Parkinson’s.

By sharing stories, photos and reflections on your tribute page, you’ll not only keep their spirit alive, but also offer a meaningful space for friends and family to connect and remember them. 

If you’ve lost a friend, family member or colleague with Parkinson’s and want to pay homage to them, consider collecting donations in lieu of flowers to help others currently living with Parkinson’s, whilst honouring their legacy.

We’ve partnered with SafeMate

SafeMate provides instant access to your essential health details with the scan of your very own personal QR code.

Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics are trained to look for your SafeMate, which you’ll have on an ID code or sticker.

We’ve Partnered with Touchstone LifeCare to help you set up your digital Advanced Care Plan.

An Advance Care Plan with Touchstone LifeCare offers you and your loved ones peace of mind that your end-of-life healthcare choices are clear to your doctors and medical professionals. 

What makes TLC’s Advance Care Plans different from others is that they take you through a guided conversation format with an easy to complete questionnaire. The key benefits is that it is easy to use, you can update it anytime easily and, since it is digitally documented, you can trust the most up-todate version will be automatically shared with your trusted contacts, and instantly retrievable when it matters most. 

Reduce any stress and conflict between your family and loved ones by making your wishes for care known.

We’re fundraising with Entertainment 

Become an Entertainment Member and access discounts on dining, shopping and travel.

20% of every Entertainment Membership goes directly to the Parkinson’s community.

Your ongoing support is vital for us to continue to assist the lives of the 18,500 people with Parkinson’s in Queensland.

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