I have Parkinson’s

Living with Parkinson’s

The words “you have Parkinson’s” have changed your life. For some of you, it is fresh, raw and startling news—often poorly told. Others may have grown more accustomed over the years. Some of you have loving support of friends and family. Others may feel very alone. For everyone who hears those words, life is forever changed.

Parkinson’s is an extremely individual syndrome. And you have a great deal of power to decide how your life will unfold. Yes, it is still possible to live your best life.

The information within these pages is intended to arm you with knowledge, understanding, and power. This portal will help you take an active role in educating yourself and give you the tools to live to the fullest with Parkinson’s.

Being told you have Parkinson’s can be overwhelming. You may feel disbelief and denial, or fear and sadness. You may find it a relief that your doctor has found a reason for the problems you have been experiencing.

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety or fear is to be informed. In this brochure, we have provided information about Parkinson’s. You will read about common symptoms, treatment options and lifestyle changes that can help you to better manage the condition. It is important to always discuss any questions about your condition or treatment with your doctor or other health care professionals.

It is important to remember that Parkinson’s affects everyone differently.

Do not assume that you will experience the same symptoms as someone else with the condition. Parkinson’s progresses slowly and there are a number of medications available that effectively treat Parkinson’s symptoms. A wide range of research into the causes of the condition also provides hope for the future.

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