Health Professionals Map

The Parkinson’s Queensland Health Professionals Map is a resource created by us, designed to assist you and patients with Parkinson’s alike. The resource can be used by patients to locate a health care practitioner in their area, and it is a useful tool for health professionals wishing to add to their network, or searching for a service or specialist to refer a patient to. Please contact the Parkinson’s Queensland Office on 07 3209 1588 to find out more, or if you are a health professional who wishes to be considered for inclusion in the resource.

The Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Educator Program

The Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Educator (PSNE) is a specialist resource of knowledge of Parkinson’s Disease. They build awareness and provide information, support and education to people with Parkinson’s, carers, their families, health professionals, aged care providers, researchers and the broader community throughout Queensland.

The PSNE provides information on a range of Parkinson’s related topics including but not limited to;
• Parkinson’s Disease basics
• Key steps and considerations for the newly diagnosed
• Information and education on medication management
• Symptom management
• How to care for someone with Parkinson’s
• Managing disease progression.

With around 2,000 Queenslanders diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year, and the thousands already living with the condition, the PSNE plays a vital role in supporting those impacted.

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Our Parkinson’s Nurse is highly trained, experienced and available to help you manage Parkinson’s, whether you’re newly diagnosed, have advanced PD, or are a carer or family member.

Parkinson’s Queensland Individual and Family Members can schedule 20 minute telephone appointments with our Parkinson’s Nurse for confidential conversations about specific issues
they’re grappling with. Some popular topics are medication, sleep, constipation, and continence. To become a Member, click the ‘Learn More’ button below. 

Contact our office to find out more – call 07 3209 1588 or freecall 1800 644 189. 


To find more information or learn how to enrol.

Parkinson’s Queensland are delighted to report the Australian College of Nursing has released details of ‘Parkinson’s Care’ – a postgraduate unit of study that is designed for health professionals who care for people diagnosed with typical and atypical Parkinson’s Disease.

The subject can be studied as part of a graduate certificate through ACN or can be taken as a single unit of study.

We believe the program will assist with reinforcing the importance of the role of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists within the community.


Parkinson’s Queensland frequently holds information seminars with a wide range of speakers from various medical backgrounds. Watch our event space and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up coming seminars in your area. Parkinson’s Queensland members receive a discount to all PQI events.

National Aged Care Training Package

This service is currently not available. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Parkinson’s Australia’s new Aged Care Training Package called Caring for People with Parkinson’s is now available nationally.

It is designed to educate and inform all the staff of Residential Aged Care Facilities to improve the quality of care provided for residents living with Parkinson’s.

The training package is evidence based, with clearly stated and measurable learning outcomes, while incorporating the principles of best practice in care and utilizes a person-centred approach.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the signs, symptoms and treatments of Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Increase the understanding of the needs of someone living with Parkinson’s.
  3. Increase the capacity of staff in providing care for someone living with Parkinson’s.

The training workshops, which are interactive and include a range of adult teaching/learning strategies, are facilitated by specialist educators with expertise in providing care for people with Parkinson’s.

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