Website and Social Media a paradigm shift within PQI

Earlier today Parkinson’s Queensland (PQI) advised it had recruited a team member to review its web and social media needs. It is important for past assumptions to be reconsidered and changed where appropriate. We anticipate there will be a considerable change in the ‘online’ offerings of PQI in the future. In the meantime we would like to suggest you consider visiting the following pages and platforms. We hope they will be useful.

Over recent weeks it has become clear our members and those of support groups would like to have ready access to Parkinson’s Queensland’s current website information. Our site is about to undergo a significant face-change which may take several months to complete. In the short-term we encourage you to access our existing site which while not meeting our needs to the levels of sophistication to which we aspire; the following links may be useful (in order of enquiries received):

Social Media
Social media may not be to everyone’s liking but what is clear is the following do attract a growing audience within the Parkinson’s community. We would like to recommend the following sites for you to ‘Like/Follow’. They are quite fascinating and interactive. We hope you will find these useful as we move forward.

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