Want 10 Secrets to a Happier Life?

Parkinson’s Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life


Parkinson’s Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier life has been translated into 20 languages.
We have a copy in our resources library for members or you can buy it online.

About the Author
Michael S. Okun, MD is considered a world’s authority on Parkinson’s disease treatment, and his publications provide a voice and an outlet to empower people living all over the world. He is currently the Administrative Director and Co-director of University of Florida’s Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration. Dr. Okun has served as the National Parkinson Foundation’s National Medical Director since 2006, where he has been a driving force behind fostering the best possible environments for care, research and outreach in NPF’s Centers of Excellence network.



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