UQ – Call for Research Participation: The Evaluation of Cognitive – Communication in Parkinson’s Disease Online

Have you noticed changes to your language or thinking processes in communication?

Some examples might be:

  • trouble finding the right word
  • difficulty expressing your thoughts clearly
  • taking longer to generate things to say
  • losing your train of thought
  • rambling about topics or quickly changing topics
  • taking longer to process what other people say
  • difficulty remembering what other people say
  • difficulty understanding what other people say
  • difficulty following or maintaining attention during one-on-one or group conversations

If you experience any of these changes, we would like to hear from you. Megan Swales (PhD candidate) and her supervisory team from the University of Queensland are looking for people with Parkinson’s disease to complete a range of assessments on language and thinking processes in communication.

These assessments will be completed in your home by two speech pathologists at the same time, one in-person and the other online (via videoconferencing similar to Skype).  

If you live the South-East Queensland region and you are interested in knowing more about the study, please contact Megan Swales either by;
phone 0430 513 414 or;
email [email protected]

To understand more about Ms Swailes’ trial  click on INFORMATION SHEET

This project has been approved by the UQ Human Ethics Research Committee (#2016001488).

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