There’s nor Right Rythm to Life

The pharmaceutical company Bial has created a video of Parkinson’s patients dancing during daily tasks to inspire others to rise up to challenges and let more people know about the disease.

It has been posted on Bial’s and a number of other organizations’ websites. You can also find it below. The company purposely released it during Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April.

The video, titled “There’s no Right Rhythm for Life,” was made by award-winning Parkinson’s movement coach and choreographer Pamela Quinn. It shows people with Parkinson’s dancing to their own rhythms.

People have different rhythms — some faster, some slower — and none is wrong. In a world so fast-paced, Parkinson’s patients can feel left behind, as if they need more time to perform daily tasks.

The disease isn’t just about losing a few minutes on daily tasks, however. A much larger concern is losing independence.

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