The MOVAPO® PEN, Now available for patients via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

An interesting announcement, which we pass on for information purposes only. The provision of such information ought not to be construed as being an endorsement of this or any other product by Parkinson’s Queensland Inc.

The Federal Government has announced that the MOVAPO® PEN, supplied in Australia by STADA Pharmaceuticals, is now available for patients to access via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

You may also be interested to know that since July of this year STADA has been trialling the MOVAPO PEN through neurologists and geriatricians in Queensland in centres such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW, Townsville (the Far North) and Brisbane.  Over 20 patients have been using the MOVAPO PEN, while STADA awaited possible PBS approval.

Now, with the PBS approval; it has also been approved into the Queensland Health Public Hospital prescribing guidelines (known as the List of Approved Medications), which will now mean any patient; public or private, will have access to the pen.

Please note this final point; the MOVAPO Pen and other MOVAPO products are all PBS approved under the SECTION 100, which means that it cannot be initiated or prescribed by a General Practitioner and patients will need to contact their specialist for support with this product.

For access to the broader information click on the BROCHURE link.; you may have to accept their privacy conditions first.


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