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The fight against Parkinson’s disease is as crucial as ever. There is an even more urgent need to support the 17,000 Queenslanders in the Parkinson’s community as the number of people living with this disease grows more and more each day. Thirty people diagnosed with Parkinson’s each and every day in this country is staggering!

Parkinson’s Queensland is the peak not-for-profit organisation that provides information, support, and education to anyone affected by Parkinson’s and related disorders in Queensland. We also help fund research into a cure and improved quality of life.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic, progressive, incurable, complex and disabling neurological condition. PD sufferers and their carers are confronted with major issues of disability including tremor (trembling in hands, arms, legs, jaw and face), rigidity and stiffness of limbs and trunk, sudden slowness and loss of spontaneous movement and impaired balance and coordination. In many cases, PD results in impaired speech and various mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety arising from both the impacts of the disease on individuals, the pathology of the disease and the side effects of medications. Other symptoms include sleep disruptions, difficulty with chewing and swallowing and urinary and constipation problems.

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurological condition in Australia but remains one of the least understood in terms of its cause.There is a lack of awareness in the health and general community of the challenges and needs of those suffering from this complex and disabling condition, as well as community stigma and constraints in the delivery of health and social support services. As a result, we need to develop a greater, more positive public awareness and understanding of PD among the general community.

As another financial year ends I am asking for your help to reach our goal of $300,000 for our 30 year anniversary. This will ensure we can provide extra support services to the Queensland Parkinson’s community, including up-to-date information about Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s Specialised Nurses and Counsellors. Parkinson’s Queensland also fund research grants to find a cure for Parkinson’s. 
The lives of Queensland’s 17,000+ people living with Parkinson’s have been and will continue to be improved because of you. I thank you in advance for your support.

Professor Graham Kerr
President of Parkinson’s Queensland


Dianne Donaldson of Beenleigh was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 55. It has impacted on every area of her life but she is determined not to give up the fight.


Kala & Carole

Kala is 12 years old and living on the Gold Coast. Her grandmother Carole, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s before she was born. Kala says Parkinson’s has affected my grandmother’s facial expressions and it’s difficult for her to smile. She walks stiffly and slowly and with a bit of a hunch. She gets very tired and needs a rest most days.” Kala wishes her Grandmother could participate in
family activities like she used to and is hoping
for a cure for Parkinson’s.


The Facts

• There are approx 17,000 Queenslanders living with Parkinson’s disease.

• While the majority of these people are aged over 65 years of age, 20.5% are of working age and 5% are aged under the age of 30 years. The costs due to lost productivity, which was $25.7m in 2011 are also rising at 5% per annum.

• The total financial cost of PD per annum in Australia in 2011 was around $775.4 million.

• Health system costs for people with Parkinson’s disease are rising by 6% per annum (AIHM 2011).

• Parkinson’s disease is increasing in incidence at approximately 4% per annum (AIHW 2011).

• The average lifetime cost of someone living with Parkinson’s disease is $144,000, comparable to cancer at $165,000 (Access Economics – 2011).

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