SPARK NeuroCare Network receives $150,000 grant

Parkinson’s Queensland attended an immersion event at Brisbane Parliament House on Tuesday 19th April to strengthen the relationship between Parkinson’s Queensland and State parliament. With many members of parliament in attendance, Parkinson’s Queensland aims to work with government to ‘Make Parkinson’s A Priority’ around the State. The Hon. Cameron Dick MP, Minister for Heath, (pictured above with the PQI team) attended and proudly wore the Parkinson’s “Tulip” badge, a symbol of strength and unity among the Parkinson’s community.

The event was hosted by Joe Kelly MP who is a former Nurse and is closely linked to Parkinson’s through family. In addition, and for further information only his brother, Vince Kelly, is the Vice Chairman of Parkinson’s Australia. Also in attendance were Tracy Davis MP –Shadow Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, Dr Christian Rowan MP, Jennifer Howard MP and Scott Emerson MP. Professor George Mellick, President of Parkinson’s Queensland, said he was “extremely pleased to have Parkinson’s on the State agenda,” as this will enable Parkinson’s Queensland to campaign from a stronger position to apply for grants and funding for more research into Parkinson’s.

At the event, the Health Minister announced a grant of $150,000 for the SPARK NeuroCare Network which will contribute toward the opening of a regional support centre in Townsville.

Parkinson’s Queensland is one of 11 charities which form the newly created “SPARK NeuroCare Network,” an innovative alliance of not for profit organisations focussed on ensuring people living with progressive neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s receive the support and services they require. PQI is proud to be a part of this alliance and has contributed funding to further the ongoing collaboration which will deliver care and support for those with neurological conditions. Along with Parkinson’s Queensland, Alzheimer’s Australia (QLD), Epilepsy Queensland Inc, Huntington’s Queensland, Leukodystrophy Resource & Research Organisation Inc, Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland, MND and Me Foundation, MS Queensland, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, and Youngcare are all involved in the partnership which makes up the SPARK Neurocare Network.

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