So What? I have Parkinson’s Disease! (A Poem)

Many of our members regularly submit poetry for inclusion in our “Connections” Magazine. Below is a poem written by Shirley Voss, one of our members and a volunteer Support Group Coordinator, along with her husband, Alan. See Shirley’s poem below about her struggles with Parkinson’s Disease, and her determination to not allow the condition to take over her life and work.

So What? I have Parkinson’s Disease!

So what?

I have PD

Bits of me don’t work like they used too.

Sometimes I look and feel like the proverbial frog in a blender.

Unco! Spastic! Slow!

But don’t belittle me! I will bite back. I will not be defined as PD. I am a person in my own right.

Apathy… Never!

Apathy robs you of you; PD doesn’t fit either but……

Why give in to negative thoughts?

As much as I love it, wish it, I have the limitations that go with PD.


I will fight tooth and nail all the way.

Apathy… Never!

What began as an innocent movement in my right leg crept up to my right hand.

What did I do? I made adjustments.  I’m a teacher. I’m good at making changes, making adjustments. It’s all part of the package.

I taught from the back of the room, I taught from the front. Notes always held in left hand.

Students are none the wiser.

Apathy… Never!

PD silently, relentlessly continues its course,

I will fight every inch of the way.

Apathy! Never!

Thank you Shirley for submitting your poem which is a true display of courage and strength when life is tough.

This week at Parkinson’s Queensland we are celebrating Queensland Seniors Week 2016 and showing the world what it means to be a senior in 2016. Our members get up to some wonderful adventures and prove that whatever your age, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. We will be sharing some of our stories from our community over the course of the week to show Queensland, Australia and beyond that life doesn’t stop at 60! In the theme of Seniors Week –

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