Research Opportunity: Using Skype to measure Parkinson’s symptoms



The Asia Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation (APCN) at the University of Queensland is conducting a number of studies investigating the issues facing people with Parkinson’s disease and developing new approaches to assessment, support and treatment for people with Parkinson’s .

Can we measure Parkinson’s symptoms via Skype?

This study is looking into whether measures of Parkinson’s disease and of memory and thinking skills can be conducted via Skype (or other platforms such as FaceTime or Google Hangouts). If so, this could save clinic visits and make check-ups easier and more timely. The study involves having a clinical examination face to face (in the clinic or at your home) of your PD symptoms and thinking and memory; then one week later, repeating these tests from home with the health professional communicating with you via Skype (or other platforms).

Who can participate:

People with PD who have the internet at home or would be interested in learning to use Skype, Google hangouts etc.

For more information or to register to participate, please contact Jacki Liddle on [email protected] or  (07) 3346 5583

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