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From time to time Parkinson’s Queensland receives requests for information on Radio Parkies – so with the guidance of DJ Madonna we have created some instructions for you on how to listen to the live radio shows.

Jean Paul De Cremer started the station in Belgium about 8 years ago and Australia’s DJ Madonna was the first radio parkies DJ in the Southern Hemisphere. There are 25 DJ’s from around the world:  Iceland, Belgium, USA, UK, France, Denmark and Australia

Radio Parkies is a World Wide Web based radio, there is no local channel to listen on the actual radio – you need to listen via the internet on a computer, iPad, or smart phone.  Follow the steps.

  1. Go to the Radio Parkies new website
  2. Click the PLAY button

Live shows:

  • DJ Richard, Ocean Grove, Victoria – Wednesday – 6-7 pm
  • DJ Madonna, Brisbane, Qld  – Wednesday – 7-8pm, Friday 8-9 am

N.B. Eastern Standard Time

Recorded radio shows are available on demand at


 Recorded for the Global Insight into Parkinson’s seminar


Let Your Voice Be Heard – Contact Madonna Brady 0439 542 628 [email protected] for more information or to share your story.

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