Radio Parkies – How To Listen

We have had a few requests for information on Radio Parkies – so we have created some instructions for you on how to listen online.

There has been some confusion about how to listen to Radio Parkies. Radio Parkies is web based radio – this means, there is no local channel to listen on the actual radio – you need to listen via the internet on a computer. There are two ways to do this:

Go to  radioparkies.com and click on the red button on the front page next to the red radio, it will go to the radio player. If you listen via the website you can also listen on a smartphone that has internet access.


On your computer, on the same website, select – on the right hand side of the page: “LISTEN TO THIS STATION IN YOUR MEDIA PLAYER”

This will then download a file that links to the radio station and you can listen through your media player, such as “Windows Media Player” (when you open the file, your media player should accept the download and open up the file, all you will then need to do is press PLAY).’

Radionomy screenshot

The station plays most of the day, but Madonna’s segments are on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm and replayed on 8-9am Friday mornings. We hope this is helpful, you can contact the office or Madonna if you require further assistance.

Full Length Shot of a Fit Young Man Performing Planking Exercise on a Mat While Facing the Floor.
Full Length Shot of a Fit Young Man Performing Planking Exercise on a Mat While Facing the Floor.

This week Madonna’s show features NSW Central Coast “Strongman” and person with Parkinson’s, Mick Bourke. At 60, Mick displays incredible strength. He can out-“plank*” men half his age, and can do a standard “plank” for 40 minutes, and a weighted “plank” for over 3 minutes! Mick is hoping to use his incredible core strength to break the world record for the longest “plank” during the NSW Parkinson’s Walk later this year. Good Luck Mick!!!

*A plank is an exercise that involves holding a position similar to that of a push up for an extended period of time.

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