PQI Announces Parkinson’s Care Nurse – Post Graduate Unit of Study – 2018-19 – AWARDS

Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. (PQI) has announced an innovative grants/awards program in support of the Queensland based nursing community.
The Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study through the Australian College of Nursing is now open and is accepting enrolments for the January and July 2019 intakes.
Nurses are aware of how seriously Parkinson’s Care nursing is to PQI, its members and, indeed, all people affected by Parkinson’s whether they be diagnosed, family, Carers, friends or colleagues.
PQI believes the availability of the Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study program will assist in reinforcing the importance of the role of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists within the community.

  • At its recent meeting, the Management Committee of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc (PQI) committed to providing Grants or Awards to be taken up by Queensland based Registered Nurses wishing to undertake the Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study;
  • Available will be five (5) Awards of up to $2,500 each for Queensland based Registered Nurses working in the Parkinson’s Care related sphere of influence; an investment totalling $12,500 in 2018-2019 financial year.

Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. sees these awards as a positive step towards encouraging greater engagement with those Queensland based Registered Nurses who have an interest in Parkinson’s Care.
These announcement of these Awards will demonstrate to governments at all levels that PQI wants to see the availability of qualified Parkinson’s Care nurses increase in our State and for there to be greater government investment into moving that towards a possibility. PQI encourages Queensland based Registered Nurses to consider applying for an Award.
In order to be eligible for this award, Registered Nurses will need to provide the endorsement of your employer. Don’t forget to download and arrange for the completion of the Employer Endorsement Form, which is then to be uploaded along with the on-line application form.
When you are ready, you can APPLY NOW

Good luck.

Please Note:

  • Closing Date is 29 September 2018
  • Placement on this program is at the sole discretion of the Australian College of Nursing.
  • Parkinson’s Queensland Inc accepts no responsibility for ensuring all nurses in Queensland receive this information. PQI is reliant upon the goodwill of the respective nurse related associations to ensure this is communicated as broadly as possible.
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