The Parkinson’s Picasso Project is a fundraising event running from October until January 15th. Below are the stunning submissions we have received.

Mary Clarke

Gary Hatcher

Poppies on Flanders fields

Gary Hatcher

Lady in Abstract

Lorri Russell

Pink Flowers

Maree Millard

Parkinson’s: Good Days/ Bad Days

Lynne Mulligan

A Smile

Megan Amies

Calm Before the Storm

Racy Espino

Look up & thank God, I’m alive!

Catherine Cooke

Linda Neil

Wonder Mind, Wonder Heart and Mind Bloom

Hannah Borm

Karen Borm

Madonna Brady

Milena Webb

Sandra Parsons

Evelyn Webb

Sheila Woodward

Nancy Rowe

Helen Turner

Angela Garley

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners!

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