It’s an Art Competition with a difference. That makes a difference. 


How It Works

Register with or without an Art Kit!

Register to enter the Parkinson’s Picasso Project via the entry form below. 

You can choose to enter with or without an art kit, pay your entry fee and you’re away. 

Receive your Welcome Letter!

This will have all of the details on where to send your painting, how to send it, and who to contact if you have any questions!

For those with an art kit – Receive your kit!

Don’t you love receiving goodies in the post?

We’ll send you a kit of creative goodies so you can get started on your creative journey!

Including the amazing Aussie made Chroma paints!

Get painting!

Paint whatever you like!

Abstract, portrait, landscape! The only limit is your imagination!

Submit your Creation!

Submit a high resolution photo of your painting plus your interpretation of the composition, theme and idea to [email protected]


Registration With Art Kit – $75

Valued at over $95 

This incredible art kit features: 
        * 1 – 12 x 20 Tube Set Chroma A>2 Lightfast Heavy Body Acrylic

        * 1 – 30cm x 40cm stretched artists canvas

        * 1 – professional palette knife

        * 1 – set of 6 artist brushes

        * 1 – lesson of your choice from Art Class Online

Registration Without Art Kit – $35

Have your own supplies? Don’t worry we have you covered!

Registration without the art kit provides for entry into the competition and one complimentary class of your choice from Art Class Online. 

This way, you can use your own (and favourite!) materials and enter a potentially award winning masterpiece!


1. First Prize

A cash prize of $600 dollars given with thanks to Medtronic. 

2. Second Prize

A cash prize of $300 dollars given with thanks to Medtronic. 

3. Third Prize

A cash prize of $100 dollars given with thanks to Medtronic. 

* Ownership of Paintings

By signing up and submitting your painting as part of the Parkinson’s Picasso Project you agree that if you are a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize winner, Parkinson’s Queensland will take ownership of your painting (and collect at their expense) to display, or sell at Auction to raise further funds for people living with and impacted by Parkinson’s. 

Important Dates

October 22nd | Parkinson’s Picasso Project Launch

Register to enter the Parkinson’s Picasso Project via the entry form below. 

You can choose to enter with or without an art kit, pay your entry fee and you’re away. 

December 9th | Registration Closes

Today is the last day you can register to enter the Parkinson’s Picasso Project! 

January 15th | Final Photo Submission

All photos must be submitted by this day for judging to [email protected]

Late Jan 2021 | Judging & Winners Announced

Make sure you check out all the great art works in the gallery and sit back and wait to see if you’re a winner!


Meet the Judges

Jim Cobb

Artist, Paint-Maker and Owner – Chroma Australia.  
Paint-maker Jim, formulates both artist and educational paints using his years of experience as an Artist himself.

Jim believes in creating paints that are of the highest quality and that inspire people, drive a passion for creativity and last a lifetime. 

Jim joins our judging panel proud to be able to support the Parkinson’s Community.

Donna Gibb

Artist & Owner – Art Class Online
Donna Gibb is an award winning Australian Artist who believes that absolutely anybody can paint. She embodies this ethos painting live at events where she encourages her audience to put brush to canvas and add to her artwork. It is through these events that Philanthropist Donna has raised more than half a million dollars for charities all around Australia. 

Parkinson’s is a cause near and dear to Donna’s heart with a number of family members and friends affected by the disease that makes Donna want to help the Parkinson’s Community however she can. 

Parkinson’s Queensland is proud to have Donna as a member of our Ambassador Dream Team to bring all things creative to the Parkinson’s Community. 

Miguel A. Diaz

As CEO of Parkinson’s Queensland, Miguel is incredibly excited about the Parkinson’s Picasso Project and has seen the benefits of all kinds of alternate and allied therapies in the treatment of Parkinson’s, like Art Therapy. 

Miguel’s dedication to the creative arts spans decades, with Miguel himself having spent some time treading the boards performing as part of the cast of Phantom of the Opera. 

Miguel is looking forward to taking some of Donna’s classes and learning all about different painting techniques that are particularly useful for those with low dexterity. 

Ha can’t wait to see all of the creations that are entered as part of the project!


Chroma Australia

Event Sponsor Chroma Australia have partnered with Parkinson’s Queensland to provide the amazing Australian paints that will be sent in all of the paint kits purchased as part of the Parkinson’s Picasso Project. 

These high quality, artist developed paints really are the best paints you can buy and we are incredibly lucky to have Chroma Australia on board painting up a storm for people impacted by Parkinson’s.


Event Sponsor Medtronic believe in the power of medical technology to improve lives and when they heard about the Parkinson’s Picasso Project, they couldn’t wait to get involved in something that improves lives a little more creatively!

They’re changing pumps and robotics for brushes and palettes and can’t wait to see all of the different entries from all of the different walks of life who enter!

Art Class Online

Event Sponsor Art Class Online has committed to providing every person who registers with a complimentary online painting class (of their choice) with the incredible award winning Australian Artist, Donna Gibb.

Valued at $35 dollars, Parkinson’s Queensland Ambassador Donna really does mean it when she says that she believes that everyone can paint and Art Class Online is the best place to start!


Silver Event Sponsor Bright Devices Group company formed to improve the quality of life for people with movement disorders so they were thrilled to get involved with the Parkinson’s Picasso Project. 

They’re looking forward to reducing the social impact of Parkinson’s through the Parkinson’s Picasso Project and can’t wait to see the Bright Creations that are entered as part of the competition. 

Now’s the time to get online with Get Online Week 2020 taking place from 19-25 October. The annual campaign aims to support 2.5million Australians who are not online through 700 digital skills mentoring events across the country.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks associated with digital exclusion across the country. It has made digital skills essential for wellbeing, safety and participating in day to day activities such as accessing government and health services, paying bills, online shopping, social interaction, applying for jobs and many more.

Get Online Week is organised by Good Things Foundation Australia, which also manages a network of 3,000 Be Connected community partners across the country.

Parkinson’s Queensland is proud to be a Be Connected community partner and support the Parkinson’s Community to remain connected online with online events, classes, webinars and support groups. 

We encourage you to Get Online and stay connected! If you need any help or support getting online with the Parkinson’s Picasso Project, please call the team 1800 644 189. 

Art therapy is a technique that has been applied to
improve numerous varied conditions. It has
been demonstrated to reduce stress, lower blood pressure,
and improve dexterity. It’s one of a number of
complementary therapies, from occupational (OT),
speech and physical therapy (PT); to boxing, singing and making art,
that have been demonstrated effective in helping people with
Parkinson’s disease (PD) both improve physical condition
and increase happiness.

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