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Queensland Parkinson’s Project – Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD)

Queensland Parkinson’s Project (QPP) is a multi-institutional research collaborative dedicated to understanding the causes of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and facilitating the development of effective treatments.

The cause of most cases of PD is unknown but is thought to involve many different genetic and environmental factors each contributing a little towards the development of the disease. Determining the factors responsible for PD relies on large study groups and complex analytical methods. QPP are world leaders in these approaches and are currently running an Australia-wide PD study.

To participate and to register your interest, open the attached file, fill it out and post or email it to QPP, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), Griffith University, Nathan, QLD 4111 or [email protected]

University of Queensland PhD Student Seeking Participants

Are you an employed person involved in providing informal care for an elderly relative?

Informal caregivers, in addition to their paid job, provide assistance (usually unpaid) to an elderly relative (e.g., a parent, parent in-law, grandparent, aunt or uncle, partner/spouse, sibling) who needs help because they have an illness, disability or because they are getting older.

The person who needs help may live with you in your home, in their own home or in another place such as a nursing home.

What does an informal caregiver do?

– All informal caregivers generally provide some form of emotional or social support.

– Some caregivers assist their elderly relatives with the activities of daily living: for example, helping with cooking, eating, washing, dressing, going to the toilet or administering medications.

– Other caregivers provide care for people who are quite independent but who may need support with transport, finances, management of health care issues and occasional household tasks.

Research is being conducted by University of Queensland PhD Researchers into how caring for elders with physical (i.e. frailty) or mental disability impacts on carers ability to manage their job roles at work, home and the impact on their health and wellbeing.

If you provide care to an elder who requires assistance with their daily living, please follow the link below to register your interest and to find out more information. In accordance with University and research policy, all participants will be ensured confidentiality at all stages of the study.


Has your speech been affected by Parkinson’s disease?

Professor Deborah Theodoros and her team at the University of Queensland are conducting a research study in which they will be treating people who have a speech disorder in their own homes via the Internet. The treatment program used is the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVTLOUD). The aim is to demonstrate that this intensive treatment can be delivered across the Internet using a mobile, multi-media videoconferencing system called eHABTM.

We are seeking people with PD who have difficulty with their speech and live in the metropolitan area of Brisbane. You are not required to have any computer skills for this study; however, you do need to have broadband Internet access in your home (not mobile broadband). An eHABTM system will be placed in the home by the researchers.

People will be allocated to either the Internet treatment in their own home or to face-to-face treatment at the University of Queensland. Free taxi transport to and from the University will be provided to those people who will receive LSVT face-to-face. This project has been funded until the end of 2013 by the National Health and Medical Research Council. We need to recruit the last 15 participants by June 2013.

If you have been diagnosed with PD by a neurologist, have difficulty with your speech, and have not had the LSVT before, you may be eligible to participate in this study.

If you would like further information or wish to take part in the research project, please contact Dr Anne Hill on 3365 8876 ([email protected]) in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.


Walking training for people with Parkinson’s Disease


Professor Sandy Brauer, Dr Siobhan Schabrun and their physiotherapy team at the University of Queensland are conducting a research study in which they will be providing a 3-week specialized walking training program to people with Parkinson’s Disease. Volunteers will be randomized to receive walking training with or without non-invasive direct current stimulation.

We are seeking people with PD who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and have noticed even minor changes in their walking who live in the metropolitan area of Brisbane. The study involves coming to the University of Queensland and having 9, one-on-one walking training sessions with an experienced physiotherapist over 3 weeks. There will also be assessment sessions before and after the training. There is no charge for any session and reimbursement of taxi or parking will be provided for all sessions.

This project has been funded by Parkinson’s Qld and we would like to recruit all participants by September 2013.

If you would like further information or wish to take part in the research project, please contact Katrina Kemp on 0415 664 173 ([email protected]) or Sandy Brauer on 3365 2317 ([email protected]) in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

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