Parkinson’s Awareness Event Fast Approaching.

It is Parkinson’s Awareness Month!
Thank you for your support of our event, A Walk in the Park 2019. As key stakeholders in our event, we want to let you know about some of the physical aspects that will have an effect on us all on the day.

All members of the PQI team will be on-site during the day and we will have strong support from our volunteers.

  • Firstly, please click on Site Map AWITP 2019 to access the layout and the timings for the day. You may wish to print a copy for your team members. Please be aware of the timings shown. These timings are a guide – we certainly do not want any families turning up in the dark at 5:00am! The timetable (operations) will be fine-tuned as we get nearer to the day. Our team of enthusiastic representatives will be on-site from 0500 to enable our friends from Queensland Hire to weave their magic without everyone under-foot.
  • Secondly, please be particularly aware that no vehicles are to use the cycle/walk track or to go onto any grassed area.
  • Thirdly, while the long-range weather forecast is positive we will be told 48 hours before the event (Friday, 12th) if Council is to close the grounds. Should that occur the event will have to be postponed and re-scheduled for another time. PQI will post an announcement on this site if the event is to be postponed.
  • Finally (for now anyway), a word about wheelchair access; there are three entrances onto the track for those with wheelchairs and are noted accordingly. Kindly ensure you do not impede access to the track.
  • A Cautionary HEADS UP! It is a shared pathway and AWITP participants must keep RIGHT and travel anti-clockwise around the OUTSIDE edge of the pathway allowing plenty of room for cyclists who will be traveling clockwise, on the INSIDE should there be any. We know that we are talking to the choir but we do need to draw it to your attention.

We hope you find the information helpful and look forward to enjoying the day with you on 14th April.

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