Make Parkinson’s a Priority

Did you know an estimated 700,000 people, or 3% of the Australian population, are directly impacted by Parkinson’s? They either have Parkinson’s, provide care to someone with Parkinson’s, or have a family member or close friend affected by Parkinson’s.

Make Parkinson’s a Priority is the Action Platform created by Parkinson’s Australia, all state-based Parkinson’s organisations, Shake It Up Australia and the Parkinson’s community to reflect the needs of people living with, and affected by Parkinson’s and will be launched at Parliament House, Canberra on 15 March.

The Parkinson’s community asks the Government to Make Parkinson’s a Priority through:

Recognition of Parkinson’s as a National Health Priority Area;

Investment in better care and support for people living with Parkinson’s through equitable access to Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists and equitable access to medications and therapies;

Investment and capacity building in Parkinson’s research; and,

Investment in upskilling the workforce to enable timely diagnosis, better care and support of people living with Parkinson’s.

Make Parkinson’s a Priority includes cost-effective responses to the impact of population ageing and an increase in the number of Australians living with Parkinson’s. Our platforms enable people with Parkinson’s to stay in the workforce longer, continue to live independently in their own homes, increase productivity and savings, and reduce the demand for care.

Make Parkinson’s a Priority encourages self-management of the disease and therefore assists the Government to reduce costs associated with Parkinson’s. In simple terms, better care and treatment keeps people out of hospitals and residential care.

President of Parkinson’s Australia, Paul Davies, says: “Parkinson’s Australia is seeking a commitment from the Commonwealth and States to a best practice, evidence based and nationally consistent approach to supporting people living with Parkinson’s and for investment in research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s.”

Make Parkinson’s a Priority is a long-term campaign. Print the phrase on a t-shirt, stick it on your car, use it as your email signature, get a tattoo…anything that gets our message out.

shutterstock_275181728Make Parkinson’s a Priority highlights to the wider community and the Government that people with Parkinson’s, carers, family, friends and health professionals want better care and support and to slow, stop and ultimately cure this chronic, degenerative condition.

Parkinson’s Australia will launch the campaign at Parliament House on 15 March and will call on parliamentarians to Make Parkinson’s a Priority by becoming a Parliamentary Friend of Parkinson’s Committee Member. Upper and Lower House Members are able to do this – no matter what their political affiliation.

The primary objective of Parliamentary Friends of Parkinson’s is to support the work of Parkinson’s Australia in improving funding for services and to broaden research and awareness for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Throughout the year we will call on your support to attend events, to lobby politicians, to raise the level of awareness of Parkinson’s and the needs of the Parkinson’s community, because it your voice that matters.

You can also Make Parkinson’s a Priority by becoming involved in the campaign. Anyone who supports the Make Parkinson’s a Priority Campaign and the aims of the campaign is encouraged to participate.

We welcome family, friends, GPs, Nurses, Aged Care facilities, Neurologists and other health professionals to sign up.

How do I get involved?
Contact Parkinson’s Queensland on 07 3209 1588 or email [email protected]

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