LNP response to Parkinson’s Queensland’s letter to politicians

Parkinson’s Queensland regularly communicates with government; advocating on behalf of people with Parkinson’s. At election time, the significance of this cannot be overlooked. We have received today a response from Michael O’Dwyer the LNP’s State Director in Queensland, from a letter sent by our President, Professor George Mellick, to all politicians and candidates in the lead-up to the State election. Mr O’Dwyer’s letter addressed the LNP Government’s commitment to people with Parkinson’s.

“A future LNP Government will continue to support the fantastic work Parkinson’s Queensland does to assist people living with Parkinson’s disease and their carers. We will maintain the current funding support your organisation receives from the Queensland Government.”

We are, of course, grateful for that commitment but there is much more for Parkinson’s Queensland to achieve through a closer working relationship with our State Government; just as there is at a Federal level through Parkinson’s Australia.

Interestingly, we have had no response from other parties or candidates in this weekend’s election.

This weekend is, as we know, Queensland’s State elections. It will have an important impact upon the delivery of healthcare and services in our State.

President George Mellick’s recent letter to all politicians coupled with our strong involvement in the CheckUP Health in Focus 2017 Survey, seems to have been effective in conveying Parkinson’s Queensland’s message.

At the end of the day, we will each vote in accordance with our individual beliefs and convictions. But whatever the outcome of Saturday’s ballot, Parkinson’s Queensland remains committed to working with whichever party is able to form Government to the benefit and betterment of the quality of life, support and services for all people affected by Parkinson’s.


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