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Whether you have Parkinson’s disease, are a carer, a health professional or an interested member of the public, please consider becoming a financial member and an active participant in our organisation.

Membership of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. entitles you to:

  • Our quarterly statewide magazine
  • Vote in elections or stand as a Management Committee member
  • Assist our organisation to further the Parkinson’s cause.

There are two classes of membership, which can commence on any date:

  • Annual Membership at $30 per annum (incl. GST), due 01 July each year
  • Life membership at a one-off cost of $300.

Apart from opening the door to all the support, advice and fellowship associated with being part of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc., your membership helps us with advocacy for Parkinson’s sufferers across the State and nationally. Estimates suggest that up to 72,000 people across Australia suffer from Parkinson’s disease. To persuade political leaders to provide tangible support for Parkinson’s it helps enormously to have a large membership base.

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