Wear Purple for Parkinson’s

The success of World Parkinson’s Day

Depends on the support of people just like you. Get involved to show how much you care: make a donation or host a Wear Purple for Parkinson’s Fundraiser at your school or workplace. All the money raised helps Parkinson’s Queensland fight Parkinson’s through support services and world-class research.

This April, Wear Purple for Parkinson’s and help Parkinson’s Queensland raise vital funds for Parkinson’s research and support services.

Simply gather together your friends, family and colleagues to wear Purple for Parkinson’s to work or school and collect a gold coin donation. There couldn’t be an easier way to help make a difference.

Wear Purple for Parkinson’s this World Parkinson’s Day! You can hold your Wear Purple fundraiser on World Parkinson’s Day (April 11th) or a day close by that suits you. Support Parkinson’s Queensland’s effort to improve the quality of life for all people affected by Parkinson’s, including world class research and support services (like Parkinson’s Queensland’s Free info line 1800 644 189).

To get involved, all you need to do is:

  1. Download an event form for School Fundraising or Workplace Fundraising.
  2. Contact us to advise of your activity so we can send you a Letter of Authority to fundraise for Parkinson’s Queensland.
  3. Check out the School Fundraising Tips or Workplace Fundraising Tips
  4. Invite friends, family, colleagues etc to get involved.
  5. Return funds raised to Parkinson’s QLD and return the form in the downloaded
    Don’t forget – Have fun and remember to take lots of photos! Post on facebook.com/ParkinsonsQLD or email to pqi@parkinsonsqld.org.au

For more information about getting involved in ‘Wear Purple for Parkinson’s’, please contact us on pqi@parkinsonsqld.org.au or 07 3209 1588.

How to Submit Funds

Pay in the money you have raised for Wear Purple for Parkinson’s.

It’s easy. Bank online now to BSB: 064 000 Account number: 1515 7935
Account name: Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. Reference: Wear Purple for Parkinson’s.

You can also choose to bank your fundraising dollars with your local Parkinson’s QLD office by using the form provided.

Contact Parkinson’s QLD on 07 3209 1588 for more information on banking or returning your fundraising dollars.

Don’t forget – Have fun and remember to take lots of photos! Post on www.facebook.com/ParkinsonsQLD or email to pqi@parkinsonsqld.org.au

Get the most out of your school fundraising efforts for Parkinson’s QLD

School Fundraising Tips

Here are some quick tips and ideas that might be useful, and a schools activity program for the classroom.

  • Wear purple for Parkinson’s. Prior to the day send out regular reminders to wear purple that day and make a donation. Then make several trips around the school to collect funds so you don’t miss anyone.
  • Extra donations. Put donation boxes in prominent positions, such as at the tuckshop, to collect change.
  • Team up with an existing event. Organise your fundraising activities to take advantage of an event that is already happening, such as a school assembly, play or concert.
  • Decorate the school purple. Turn your school ‘purple’ for the day.
  • Compete to raise funds. Have competitions between classes or year levels. Maybe your school could provide a reward?
  • Get creative. There are plenty of other ways to get students at your school excited about Wear Purple for Parkinson’s day. If you think of something new and different, we’d love to hear about it through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ParkinsonsQLD
Get the most out of your workplace fundraising efforts for your Wear Purple for Parkinson’s event.

Workplace Fundraising Tips

Here are some quick hints and ideas for raising money at your workplace:

  • Wear purple. Encourage everyone to wear or bring something purple into work. Prior to the day, send out regular reminders. Organise a donation box in a prominent position of the office, and make several trips around the office to collect donations so you don’t miss people who aren’t at their desks.
  • Team up with an existing event. Organise your fundraising day to take advantage of an event that is already happening, such as your work or sport team meeting, an office celebration or morning tea.
  • Decorate the office in purple. Use purple balloons to decorate your office or add a personal touch with some streamers or party hats.
  • Compete to raise funds. Have competitions with your friends or work colleagues to see who can raise the most money.
  • Dollar-for-dollar matching. Ask your employer to support your fundraising efforts by matching the funds you raise.
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