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President, Parkinson's Queensland Inc.
Prof. George Mellick

Since 1985, Parkinson’s Queensland has helped thousands of Queenslanders in their journey with Parkinson’s and related disorders, not only in the early stages after diagnosis, but throughout the condition’s progression.

Parkinson’s Queensland Inc (PQI) is a charitable organisation that provides individuals, families and the health, aged and disability sectors with information, support and education for people living with Parkinson’s, Dystonia, Multiple System Atrophy, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Essential Tremor and Restless Leg Syndrome. We also help fund research into a cure for Parkinson’s and improved quality of life.

  • We provide an essential link between the community and support services to ensure those living with the day-to-day and long term challenge of Parkinson’s and related disorders can face the future with confidence and independence.
  • Parkinson’s Queensland provides information, education, encouragement and support to people living with Parkinson’s disease, their families and carers. Our organisation works to create better awareness about the disease among health professionals and community workers as well as the public.
  • Parkinson’s Queensland also provides information and other resources including a lending library addressing various aspects of the disease.
  • Parkinson’s Queensland advocates to all levels of government for better services and treatments for people impacted by Parkinson’s and related disorders.
  • Parkinson’s Queensland can assist with referral and access to various health professionals, services and networks.

2018/19 has been a remarkable year for Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. (PQI). Of course, it would not have been possible without our membership supporting us all the way. Our members are an integral part of our PQI family of over 1100 passionate people, striving to raise awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s throughout Queensland. They are at the heart of what we do and your membership will enable us to further our reach in providing information and services to those who are newly diagnosed, are living with Parkinson’s as well as helping us to fund much needed research into the cause, cure and management of Parkinson’s.

In the past year, PQI’s members have enabled our milestone achievements namely:

  • Funding Higher Degree by Research Travel Awards for the 2019 World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto, Japan (8 people in total)
  • Travel assistance awarded to four people to attend the 2019 World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto, Japan. (one Nurse, Health Professional and two Support Group Coordinators)
  • Funding two nurses to register in the Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study through the Australian College of Nursing 2018/19
  • Hosted the World Parkinson’s Day Luncheon in Brisbane and awarded the James Parkinson’s Oration to Clyde Campbell of “Shake it Up” Foundation
  • Hosted “A Walk in the Park” fundraising event with over 260 attendees raising funds for PQI
  • Delivered PQI’s final partnership commitment of $50,000 along with that of the Aegium Foundation and Griffith University for a Research Fellow in Parkinson’s at the Griffith Institute of Drug Discovery (GRIDD)
  • Supported the community with information and help with over 400 helpline calls.

With over 18,500 Queenslanders living with Parkinson’s, renewing your membership will ensure we continue our vital work:

  • Connections magazine, full of news, information (clinical research, symptom management), personal stories and events
  • Growing and supporting our existing 34 strong Support Groups network
  • Host a Support Group Leaders Forum on the Gold Coast QLD – 2nd half of 2019
  • Further support of the PQI information and helpline service
  • Continued funding for Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study through the Australian College of Nursing 2019/20
  • Education/awareness seminars for medical practitioners/allied health professionals and people living with Parkinson’s
  • Increasing community awareness and education of Parkinson’s
  • Funding clinical and quality of life medical research
  • More fundraising and networking events for our members
  • Continue to grow the resource library

I invite you to become a 2019/2020 member of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc by completing and returning the 2019-2020 – Membership Form (including your preferred payment option) you join with Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. as it strives to achieve its vision of “A world without Parkinson’s” and mission to “Identify, develop and promote best practice to support people living with Parkinson’s”.

Thank You.

Prof. George D Mellick
Parkinson’s Queensland Inc.

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