How can we expect the public to respond if they simply don’t know?

It can happen to anyone who has Parkinson’s. Walking down the street; at any time. Our walk may appear difficult or staggered, speech may seem slurred and soft implying you may be affected by something other than what is assumed; you may not be able to write a note of explanation, or you may not be able to express your feelings to others in an emergency. These things can and have happened to people with Parkinson’s. So what can be done?

In recent weeks we have had reported incidences where a person with Parkinson’s had been approached by the police because they believed the individual had been affected by alcohol; they had not. In another incident a member of Parkinson’s Queensland took a turn but there was no known contact available. Each of these sounds a little far fetched by the do happen and ensuring the public knows who to contact in an emergency is a good first step.

As part of a national initiative involving Parkinson’s Australia and each of the States two wallet sized cards were produced; 1. ‘I have Parkinson’s  and 2. ‘Carer Emergency Card (shown). The cards were designed to be held in a purse or wallet so they are readily accessible to emergency responders and others. It is important that people know who to contact should you or the person for whom you care have a personal emergency. If you would like a supply of these cards please let our Parkinson’s Queensland Team know and they’ll send them to you. Call them on 07 3209 1588.


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