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Parkinson’s Queensland joins national Parkinson’s organisations and individuals around Australia to raise awareness for Parkinson’s in September. The theme this National Parkinson’s month is ‘Get Moving’, research has shown that exercise eases the side effects of Parkinson’s, so we are encouraging you all to ‘Get Moving’ for your health, commencing this month.

Here are some ways you can start to get moving this month:

Walking Together
Suggest to your Parkinson’s Queensland Support Group to meet up for a social walk. See a list of Support Groups on our website. www.parkinsonsqld.org.au

Tai Chi
Borrow a Tai Chi instructional video from the Parkinson’s Queensland library. Or, look for classes at your local community centre, or fitness centre. Tai chi can be done alone, but it’s great to learn from an instructor.

Visit your local swimming pool, try swimming laps or join an aqua aerobics class.

Dance for Parkinson’s
Find out if there’s any Dance for Parkinson’s or seated dance classes in your area, or contact your local Parkinson’s Support Group to start one up.

PD Warrior
PD Warrior run great fitness classes for people with Parkinson’s. Learn more by visiting their website

QUT Exercise Clinic
Join the group exercise program for Parkinson’s on Tuesdays 12-1pm or 1-2pm at QUT, classes are just $10. Call to book 07 3138 9777 www.healthclinics.qut.edu.au.

How can you make a difference during September, National Parkinson’s Month?

Join us and help raise funds to support and give hope to the increasing number of people living with Parkinson’s in Queensland by funding research to find a cure.
Examples of fundraisers include BBQ’s and sausage sizzles, cake stalls and cupcake drives at your workplace, hosting a high tea or a garage sale.
You could also organise a “Wear Purple for Parkinson’s Day”, contact us on 07 3209 1588, or email [email protected] for a
fundraising kit.

Media Outreach
Another way to raise awareness is by writing to local media about National Parkinson’s Month and ‘Get Moving’ by sharing your personal story through an editorial, blog post, or letter to the editor.

Social Media
Share a photo on our facebook page showing how you’re making a difference in the Parkinson’s community.
Use #getmoving on social media all month to show us how you’ve been moving, share your own personal stories, or ask people to get involved.

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