Get Involved – Nominate for PQI’s Management Committee

Service to the community is a powerful undertaking for any individual but none more so than nominating to serve those for whom we care, all people affected by Parkinson’s. Here is a golden opportunity for you to make a difference within Queensland’s peak Parkinson’s association.

Nominations have been called for Membership of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc.’s Management Committee who are to be elected and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. All members of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. (PQI) will have received their Notice of Annual General Meeting, Nomination forms and Proxy form.

If you would like to become an active member of PQI’s dynamic Management Committee for 2019 we encourage you to click on the ‘Nominate’ button and complete the form as indicated.

Nominations to the Management Committee are to be made on the proscribed PQI – MANCOM NOMINATION FORM & STATEMENT and then submitted to the Secretary, Parkinson’s Queensland Inc., PO Box 1684, Springwood, QLD, 4127, to be received by not later than 5:00 pm on Friday, 5 October 2018. Members of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. who are interested in nominating, should carefully read and understand the election process and obligations associated with election to the Management Committee to confirm her / his eligibility and capacity to fulfil the roles.

Parkinson’s Queensland Inc encourages representation of the diverse interests of all Queenslanders affected by Parkinson’s disease as members of its Management Committee. These nominations were called in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of Parkinson’s Queensland Inc. A copy of which is available on its website 

If you would like to help PQI advance its strategic objectives; it is up to you.

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