Dr Jeremy Johnson: supporting people with Parkinson’s through volunteering

Jeremy is a doctor (registrar, training in psychiatry) and volunteered at A Walk in the Park earlier this year. We asked Jeremy a few questions about why he wants to support people with Parkinson’s by volunteering for Parkinson’s Queensland.

What is your connection to Parkinson’s?

Some of my family members live with, and have died from, Parkinson’s.

Why did you choose to volunteer for Parkinson’s Queensland?

As a doctor in the mental health field, I encounter many patients suffering from Parkinson’s. The treatments for the physical and mental symptoms of Parkinson’s are inadequate and I’m proud to take part in ‘A Walk in the Park’ to raise funds for Parkinson’s Queensland.

What did you enjoy the most about volunteering?

The community coming together to help an important cause. I felt part of the community and part of a group doing good. It was great to meet other volunteers, lots of nice people coming together to do their part to help.

What would you say to others who are considering volunteering with Parkinson’s Queensland?

Give it a try! There’s lot of different options and events to get involved with!

Do you have any other comments to share?

When I was volunteering at the Walk, the amount of people I met who shared their stories with me of those in their lives who have Parkinson’s, was very inspiring. So many people facing difficult times and they still came out to walk and support the cause close to their heart.

Thank you Jeremy for giving up your Sunday to help us out at A Walk in the Park this year!

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