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Keeping up with Bill from VIVA! Communications on Vimeo.

Bill Jones, 76, a retired sheep shearer, former horse racer and trainer and vintage car enthusiast from Williamstown, Melbourne, has been living with Parkinson’s disease for more than 10 years. Armed with a tailored management plan – developed by his neurologist and Parkinson’s nurse specialist – Bill effectively manages his symptoms to maintain a higher quality of life, allowing him to pursue his love for restoring cars.

Crafting a fulfilling life with complex Parkinson’s from VIVA! Communications on Vimeo.

Fifteen years ago, father of three and former self-employed plasterer, Yke, 58 had no idea what was causing a pinched nerve in his neck and tremors down one side of his body. Three years and a number of specialists later, Yke was finally referred to a neurologist who diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease – a chronic, progressive brain disorder affecting his body’s motor and non-motor systems. Realising he had to surrender his lifelong dream of building a yacht and sailing around the world, Yke chose to optimise his quality of life by improving his carpentry skills.

The Guardian Angel from VIVA! Communications on Vimeo.

Sydney-siders Dan, 79 and Fay, 77 met during the prime of their lives. Dan was an outgoing accountant who enjoyed rugby and cricket, and Fay was a fun-loving beauty who captured Dan’s heart. Sadly, in 1994, Fay was diagnosed with a progressive, chronic neurological disorder affecting 30 Australians every day – Parkinson’s disease. Dan now dedicates his life to looking after Fay, ensuring she maintains as much of her previous self as possible.

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