A Walk In The Park – Update – Join the PD Revolution

It is wonderful to see the registrations starting to pick up as we get closer to our big event. But, we can’t stress more how important it will be to get your registration in soon rather than leave it until the last minute. It’s our intention to provide all participants with a Tee Shirt and a cap along with other ‘goodies’ on the day. But, please note the deadline for Tee Shirts is 29th March. If you leave it until after that date we won’t be able to meet everyone’s requirement.

We will also be providing all participants a ‘BIB’ upon which you can acknowledge whom it is that you are walking for.  We’ll get you to write that on your bib to add fun to the event.; just like the last time.

Also, we will be offering one $100 gift voucher to one themed family taking part. So, let’s get your family into the spirit and dress up to shine your light on Parkinson’s.

We are ‘super excited’ to again have the support of  the team at Atkins Health at our Walk.  Why not join the PD Revolution.  
Here’s a quick video word  from Toby and Matthew explaining what they do. The  team will be conducting a series of warm up exercises and activities for approximately 30 minutes prior to the event starting. The warm up will be located around the stage area and the exercises will have a focus on neuroplasticity principles, balance, general strength and gait.

This will be of great benefit to our people with Parkinson’s and will interest their supporters and carers.

If you haven’t done so already please,click here and register for the 2019 Walk In The Park

We really look forward to seeing you on 14th April.

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